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Becquet Enterprises Contact Sheet
It will be easier to inform you of your options, or quote prices,
If you will take a few minutes to fill out this handy information form.

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I require:

a personal web site only.
local area marketing only.
provincial marketing.
national marketing.
global marketing.

I am thinking in terms of:

a simple flyer type advertisement.
a small corporate web site.
a full multi-function corporate web site.

Additional Information:

I have a media marketing plan already.
I need marketing assistance.
I need a web site designed for me.
I wish to have a web site maintained for me.
I have web site design experience.
I wish to maintain my own web site.
I am a web designer
I wish professional contact.
I have a domain name.
I want a domain name.
I have a SaskTel Internet account.
I have an alternate Internet service provider.
I don't use the Internet much at this time.

I prefer to be contacted:

via e-mail.
via phone.
via fax.
in person.

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